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vid_challenge's Journal

Fan Vid Challenge
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Fan Vid Challenge

Welcome to Fan Vid Challenge. This is a vid challenge community. It's a multi-fandom challenge. It's run by americangrl69.


1. You must be a member to take part in the challenges.
2. Each member is aloned 1 entry.
3. Entries must remain annonymous until the contest is over. That means you can't post your vids anywhere until a winner is anounced. If you do you'll be disqualified. Though you may add your name or contact info to the credits. That's up to you.
4. All vids are welcome unless otherwise stated.
5. No voting for yourself.
6. Comments will be screened.
7. Make sure your submission is hosted on a reliable server. Like megaupload.com or yousendit.com


Challenges will start on Sunday and end Friday night at 11pm eastern time. Voting will take place Friday night until Sunday. Winners will be announced Sunday and then a new challenge will be posted.


If you would like to affiliate with vid_challenge please comment here.